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History Honors Society Wrapping Party

Hot chocolate, pretzels, marshmallows, wrapping paper and boxes towered feet high; that’s what you would have seen in the cafeteria during the History Honors Society wrapping party. After school, the café was filled with teens getting their volunteering hours while having fun and helping the community. Hundreds of gifts were being wrapped for the children at the Astor Home. Many of the children residing there were not fortunate enough to get gifts from parents or family. The wrapping party exists as a fun activity that helps provide for those who do not have the same as others. If only you could see their faces when they opened the gifts donated by the John Jay Student Body and teachers. Gifts ranged from giant teddy bears to Pokémon cards and comfy clothes, each specially wrapped by students for a great cause. It was really amazing to see how the John Jay community came together to make this happen. I cannot wait until next year to do it again! By Chelsea Co.
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A Juul not a Jewel

Benzoic acid, nicotine, glycerol, propylene, plus added ‘flavors’ for effect. Sometimes extra ‘flavors’ are added, such as marijuana or just some more nicotine for an extra buzz. These are some of the ingredients that can be found in a Juul pod from JUUL Labs. There are many alternatives to smoking in the world. One of these alternatives being the Juul, which is distributed by JUUL Labs. According to JUUL Labs, “JUUL is for adult smokers seeking a satisfying alternative to cigarettes”. Juuls are temperature controlling e-cigs that the user “plugs in” a pod for use. These pods are simply called Juul pods and contain a long list of chemical ingredients some of which are previously stated. JUUL Labs and PAX Labs are two of the major manufacturing companies for this type of item. Both have similar types of items aimed for adult smokers, but their devices can easily fall into the hands of teens and even children. You must be eighteen to purchase tobacco products in the United States

“So… what are we?”

Nobody goes on dates anymore. When’s the last time a gentleman came to your doorstep to meet your parents before taking you to a nice restaurant for dinner? When has society changed the meaning of “date” to “I’ll text you when I pull up and we can hangout?” The sad reality is that young ladies have accepted the bare minimum, and when a guy treats us respectfully like they should, we swoon. Opening a car door for a woman? Pulling out a chair for her? Bringing flowers as a token of affection to a date? Never experienced that, and any guy that did that for me would win my heart immediately. This new generation views chivalry as outdated, and when a guy does something kind for a lady, the guy expects something in return. Ultimately, men just want sex. Yes, this is a harsh generalization, but we’re growing up in a hookup culture; it’s all about treating a woman well to get in her pants, not out of the kindness of your heart. What bothers me most is, why would you take a beautiful young lad

Inadequate Security in Public Schools

Security cameras lace malls, cops stalk airports with large loaded guns, and from convention centers to conference halls, security stands amongst the highest priorities. At the same time, society’s future leaders lay vulnerable to various dangers, from bombings to shootings. In the 21st century, metal detectors, screening systems, and a strong police presence arm most public facilities against potential threats while public schools--the “safe haven” of education and dreams for the future--horrifically fail in protecting the hundreds of faculty and students occupying them for over nine months each year. When used incorrectly, technology--especially weaponry--poses threats to people psychologically, emotionally, and physically; such wounds maim relationships and entire communities and may even prove fatal. The “National Center for Education Statistics” states in “Fast Facts” that in the school year of 2013 to 2014, 68 percent of America’s public schools required faculty and staff to

Challenging the Taboo

What do u think of when u hear the word ‘period’? You probably think of the end of a sentence or perhaps a class period. But not a girl’s period right? It’s just too gross right? I have asked four guys this question: “What is the grossest thing about the female gender?” The majority said, “the period.” One guy said that he thinks periods are cool because he understands the biology of it. That’s cool. But not every guy agrees. My guy friend in college says he does not like the blood because he is afraid of getting AIDS. Understandable right? So many guys are inhuman to the fact this is a natural thing. But when they do acknowledge it they’re all like “she must be PMSing.” They are pretty inconsiderate to how women feel during our six days of misery. When you tell them about it they usually just pretend like they’re comfortable with it and then the truth comes out later. And it hurts- it hurts to find out the truth. And then you realize that it is not worth crying over because the hu

The Lifestyle

Seniors. Are you anxious? Are you nervous? Are you excited?! I hope so because in just a few months you will be deciding where your new home is. You will be making pros and cons list, asking many questions, and hopefully finding out what you want to study, (but if not it's always okay to apply undecided). That’s right, it's time to decide where. Let’s talk about who you will meet and where you will live. Odds are you are going to end up in a box shaped room, two to three beds, with some strangers that you think you know because you followed them on Instagram or snapchat once and awhile. Yet, those are the people that you will latch to. It's kind of depressing but for those first few days you have no friends, you’re scared and don’t know what to do. I strongly urge you to keep your door open, say hi to those who walk by, and just be friendly. Explore the floors above or below you, those kids are in the same situation as you are. Make friends that first week and whatever h

High School isn't Forever

When I was asked to write an article for the John Jay newspaper, I was admittedly a bit hesitant. I didn’t think anyone would really want to hear from me. If I’m honest, despite having incredible friends all throughout high school, I couldn’t help but feel like an outcast. A lot of my time at John Jay was spent trying to avoid people. I always seemed to get stuck with all the people that didn’t like me in one class. I tried to be nice, but then I’d be made fun of. When I was mean and defensive, I was made fun of more. I felt like I couldn’t win. Needless to say, high school was rough for me. At the end of my freshman year, I stopped eating. In the beginning of my sophomore year, I weighed 76 pounds. It took me until the middle of my junior year to make it back up to 93 pounds, and I still struggled to keep the weight on for a long time. During most of my sophomore year, I had anxiety attacks three or four times a week. Sometimes they were so severe that I’d get sick. I hid my insec